Strata Management

Choosing a suitable Strata Manager is one of the most important decisions a strata complex will make. Strata Management predominantly involves the day to day management of a complex. As Strata Living becomes more common place, the intricacies of managing a ‘Strata’ are also more involved.

Established in 2002 and formally known as Strata Sphere Management, Perth Property Care is Oxford Property Group's preferred choice in Strata Management.

Perth Property Care genuinely cares for your property, using their knowledge and experience to act in the best interest of their clients. In addition, all of their strata properties operate under regulated trust accounts which possess the fiduciary guarantee to protect your money. These accounts are also audited on a regular basis to ensure all financial information is in order and compliant. They encourage all of our owners to become involved and be proactive in the decisions of the complex to ensure your property remains in your control.

To experience the quality service of a motivated Strata team contact Paul Rados on (08) 9201 0000

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