Selling Tips


Vendor Checklist

1. To Sell Or Not To Sell?

The first step in this process is probably the biggest decision – to sell or not to sell? It’s good to do your research on the current market and see what’s available in your area. Our consultants will be able to provide you with the latest figures and statistics relating to your area. It’s important at this stage to also decide if you will be purchasing another home and if you should do this before or after your property sells.


2. Choosing The Right Agent

When you have made the exciting decision to sell your home or investment property, choosing the right agent is the next important step towards the successful sale. Finding the right buyer for your property is not as simple as placing a ‘For Sale’ advertisement on the internet.  Our consultant will be working hard to ensure the most desirable outcome from listing and marketing your property, to negotiating sales and taking care of the legal aspects.


3. Marketing Plan

This is where the Oxford Property Group team use their knowledge and experience to construct a suitable marketing plan that is unique to your property. Our property consultant team use the latest tools and marketing systems available to ensure our client’s properties receive the attention they require and are presented to the right demographic of potential purchasers. 


4. Showing Your Property

It’s important that the property look its absolute best while on the market. Prospective buyers will be driving by and your sales team will need to show prospective buyers through as they enquire. To assist with this process please see our ‘Home Open Checklist’.


5. Offers & Negotiation

Your property consultant will take care of all the contracts and paperwork relating to offers. Once an offer is received the Oxford Property Group team will mediate between all parties to ensure a mutually acceptable price is reached. Once accepted your consultant will take a deposit from the purchaser. The Oxford Property Group team will assist you with the anything required right up to the settlement of your home.


Home Open Checklist

  • External presentation – Make sure your property looks appealing to prospective buyers that may be driving by. This means a weed free garden, clean gutters and overall tidy presentation.
  • Cleaning – Before a home open ensure that the property has had a good clean throughout, including the windows and walls. Make sure the curtains and blinds are open to ensure the property is well lit.
  • Pets – If you have pets at the property ensure that you clean up any signs of them prior to a viewing. In some cases it’s a good idea to take pets away from the property when there is a home open. Make sure there are no lingering pet odours when prospective buyers come through.
  • Staging & Furniture – When staging your property for a home open its crucial to appropriately arrange the room. It may be a good idea to purchase some flowers for the table and put some of the clutter away. Small things may make a big difference to someone’s impression of the property.
  • Repairs – Make sure anything that looks visibly broken is repaired. Things like leaking taps, water damaged walls and damaged paintwork can turn potential buyers away.
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