Owner Information

Preparing Your Property For Lease

1. Provide your Oxford Property Group consultant with your current contact details, including phone numbers, postal address and email address where appropriate. Also make sure you provide details for an Emergency Contact.

2. Provide your consultant with a copy of the Certificate of Title and current insurance.

3. Provide the Oxford Property Group office with three sets of keys.

4. Advise your financial institution and insurance company that your property will be leased.

5. Have your plumber complete a thorough plumbing inspection of the property to guarantee your investment property complies with the current standards. Your consultant can arrange this on your behalf.

6. Have an electrician conduct a safety inspection of your property and appliances, to help ensure compliance and the safety of your future tenants. Your consultant can arrange this on your behalf.

7. Ensure all stairs, railings and balconies are secure and that they meet legal height requirements. Your consultant can arrange this on your behalf.

8. Make certain the property has smoke detectors that comply with current legislation, and that they are correctly positioned and are in working order. Your consultant can arrange this on your behalf.

9. Confirm that the property is fitted with safe and secure locks which are in working order. This will allow future tenants to qualify for contents insurance.

10. Have a pest inspection, unless the property has been inspected in the last 12 months. Oxford Property Group recommends having pest inspections annually and this can be set up with your agent.

11. Ensure all glass panelling, windows and other glass surfaces meet the current Australian Building Code. This will minimise risk to future tenants.

12. Attend to any other general maintenance.

13. Make certain the property is clean and tidy. Thoroughly detailing the property both internally and externally will make it more appealing to prospective tenants. Ensure that you clean the carpets and windows.

14. The property is most likely to be viewed from the street by prospective tenants. The exterior of the property needs to be well presented, weeding, pruning, mowing, edging, cleaning of gutters and removal of cobwebs.

15. If there is a pool at the property, ensure that it meets all current pool fencing and general safety legislation. Make certain the water quality and pool equipment is in good, working order.

16. When necessary, arrange for the redirection of your mail. If required, Oxford Property Group can pay your accounts, council and water rates on your behalf, if this is the case, we will arrange for the notices to be forwarded to our office: Suite B 409-411 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn 6016.

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