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Yokine Description

The name "Yokine" was derived from the Aboriginal word meaning "native dog", which was chosen because the area is close to Dog Swamp. A group known as Western Australian Golf Limited were identified as the owners of Yokine from at least 1927, and subdivided a small portion of land near the golf course. Prior to World War II, the only house in the area was at the eastern end of Royal Street. A housing boom began in Yokine after the war and much of the area around the golf course was developed by the early 1950's. The southern section experienced rapid growth in the 1960's and by the late 1970's Yokine was almost completely developed.

Residential development in Yokine has generally taken the form of single detached dwellings, particularly in the western and central portions. There have recently been many duplexes and unit developments dispersed throughout the suburb, and the existence of large lots around Spencer Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue will encourage further such developments. The style of buildings varies considerably, ranging from brick developments from the 1940's to timber-framed houses, International style homes and modern constructions.

The Dog Swamp and Flinders Square Shopping Centres combine to form a major retail focus in the south of Yokine. These centres provide for local shopping needs and contain a range of specialty stores. Yokine also hosts a number of smaller centres to cater for daily shopping. Many parks are situated within Yokine, the largest being the Yokine Reserve. The various reserves incorporate facilities including lawn bowling greens, sports ovals, tennis courts and a community recreation centre. In addition, Yokine contains a major golf course which provides for local residents and the wider community. The suburb also hosts a home for senior residents and some schools.