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The name "Balcatta" was first recorded by Alexander Forrest in 1877 and was Aboriginal words "Bal" meaning "his" and "Katta" meaning "hill". Prior to the 1960's, land at Balcatta was predominantly used for market gardening and other rural activities. Residential development in Balcatta progressed rapidly from the late 1960's but the movement of industries to the area did not begin in earnest until the 1970's. Dwellings in Balcatta are mainly single detached residences, though a number of unit developments exist within the eastern sector between Main Street and Wanneroo Road. Houses are generally of brick and tile, with many reflecting a Southern European influence in design. Character housing can also be found in the area east of Main Street. These are generally older, timber-framed dwellings which housed the majority of market gardeners prior to the suburban development of Balcatta.<BR><BR>Balcatta contains shopping centres, parks which host a range of facilities, Richard Guelfi Field and Jones Paskin Reserve both contain playing fields, while soccer is played at both the Graham Burkett Reserve and Macedonia Park. There are also tennis courts at the Rickman Delawney Reserve. Primary schools are also located in the area and Balcatta High School provides secondary education for local students. The industrial area to the north of Balcatta hosts numerous businesses.